When it comes to fashion, there are certain rules that are meant to be broken. For example, many people believe that you should never wear white shoes with colored socks. 

However, we believe that as long as you style it correctly, anything goes! One way to make this combo work is by matching the color of your socks with a small pop of color on your shoes, such as white sneakers with pastel pink socks. 

Here, you will have a look at what colors socks go well with white shoes and some of the best combinations to try out. So, Let’s get started!

Color Socks To Wear With White Shoes:

There are a few colors that we recommend for pairing with white shoes. These include:

Black Socks:

The classic black-and-white combo never goes out of style. It gives a sleek, clean look to any outfit and is great for a more professional setting. The key is to make sure that your socks are not too thick or show any visible wear and tear. 

Gray Socks:

Gray socks have the same effect as black ones, but they can add a bit more dimension to your outfit. Plus, they are a good alternative if you want something different from traditional black socks. 

Adding a touch of color while still keeping it neutral, navy blue socks are perfect for a casual day outing or even when dressing up. It adds a pop of color without being too bold or over the top. 

Bold Colors:

If you want to make a statement, try out some bold colors such as red, pink, or even patterns. But keep in mind that with these types of socks, it is important to balance out the rest of your outfit and not go overboard with too many patterns or colors. 

Looks Good On White Shoes:

There are a few things that look great with white shoes! 

A Brightly-Colored Maxi Skirt: 

It, for example, would be a beautiful and summery combination.  To avoid it looking too busy, make sure to keep the rest of your outfit more neutral and let the skirt be the focal point. 

A Denim Skirt or Jeans:

Denim jeans with a light-colored blazer or top combination are perfect for a casual day out, especially with some black or gray socks.  This creates a clean and polished look and adds an unexpected twist to a classic denim look. 

Cutoff Shorts Or T-shirt:

If you’re looking for something more casual, try pairing your white shoes with cutoff shorts and a tank top or T-shirt. This combo is perfect for hot summer days! You could also go with dark pants and a light-colored blazer or shirt to mix things up.  

Different Sock Colors And Their Meanings:

In some cultures, wearing certain colored socks can have specific meanings. 

For example, 

In Japan, it is considered disrespectful to wear white socks since they are reserved for funerals and mourning. The color red is typically seen as lucky, while yellow can symbolize courage. 

In South Korea, wearing yellow socks is associated with adultery. 

In China, it is considered unlucky to wear white socks since they are often used by the deceased during burial ceremonies. 

In Thailand, yellow socks signify being a member of the monarchy. 

Keep these cultural meanings in mind when choosing your sock color for a  more culturally sensitive approach to fashion. 

How To Choose The Right Sock Color For Your Outfit:

When choosing the right sock color for your outfit, consider the following things:

1. Color Scheme Of Your Outfit:

Try to match or complement the color scheme without being too matchy-matchy. The goal is to add interest and bring the outfit together, not blend in with it. 

2. Overall Vibe Of Your Look:

Are you going for a casual, edgy, or professional look? Choose colors and styles that fit the overall vibe of your outfit. 

For casual looks: Try out some bold colors, patterns, or even fun socks with funny sayings. 

For edgy looks: Opt for more neutral colors such as black or gray, but choose socks with textured details or unique designs for a bit of edge. 

For professional looks: Stick to neutral colors and make sure your socks are not too thick or have any visible wear and tear. 

3. Cultural Sensitivity: 

Be mindful of the cultural meanings associated with certain colors, especially if you are traveling to a different country. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Tips For Wearing White Shoes With Colored Socks:

  • Keep the rest of your outfit simple and let the socks be the statement 
  • Make sure your socks fit well and are not too bunched up or loose 
  • Have fun with it and experiment with different colors and patterns! 


Socks may not be the focal point of your outfit, but they can definitely add some personality to it. Have fun with different colors and styles, just make sure to consider the overall vibe and color scheme of your look. And remember to always be aware of any cultural meanings associated with certain colors. Happy sock shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wear Anything with White Shoes?

Ultimately, it is up to personal preference. However, some colors and styles may look better than others.

When Should I Avoid Wearing White Shoes?

It may not be appropriate to wear white shoes at more formal events or in professional settings. It is always best to do some research or ask for advice before attending a formal event.

Can White Shoes Be Worn in The Winter?

Yes, as long as they are paired with appropriate winter clothing and accessories. For example, try pairing them with thick socks and an all-black outfit to add contrast.

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