If you’ve ever wondered how bowling alleys manage to keep those rental shoes clean and free of bacteria, wonder no more! It’s actually a pretty interesting process. 

Bowling alleys use a variety of methods to disinfect shoes, including ultraviolet light, ozone generators, and even chemicals. Here, we’ll reveal all the disinfecting methods used by bowling alleys to ensure that your feet are safe while you enjoy a game. 

So next time you hit the lanes, you can rest assured knowing that your shoes have been properly sanitized.  Read on to find out more about how bowling alleys keep your shoes sanitized!

Top 3 Methods How Do Bowling Alleys Disinfect Shoes:

When you walk into a bowling alley, the first thing you might notice is a sign telling you to take your shoes off. That’s because bowling alleys are serious about keeping their floors clean, and that means disinfecting everyone’s shoes.

Here are three ways bowling alleys can disinfect your shoes:

Method 1: Ultraviolet Light: 

One method used by bowling alleys to kill germs and bacteria on shoes is ultraviolet light. It is one of the most effective methods for disinfecting shoes. This method works by killing bacteria and viruses that are present on the surface of the shoes. The UV light is able to penetrate the fabric of the shoe and kill the organisms that are present. 

Steps For Ultraviolet Light Disinfecting:

Step 1: 

The shoes are placed in a special UV light chamber that is designed to disinfect the shoes quickly and thoroughly.

Step 2: 

The UV light chamber emits high-intensity ultraviolet light, which penetrates deep into the fabric of the shoe and kills bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that may be present on the surface.

Step 3: 

After being disinfected with UV light, the shoes are removed from the chamber and placed in a special drying rack, where they can dry completely before you put them on.

Method 2: Ozone Generators: 

Another common disinfecting method used by bowling alleys is ozone generators. These machines produce ozone gas, which is able to kill bacteria and viruses. When ozone is used to disinfect shoes, it is typically done so through a process called ozonation. 

Steps for Ozone Generator Disinfection: 

Step 1: 

A unique ozone generator chamber is filled with the shoes. Using this device, ozone gas is produced and then injected into the shoe.

Step 2: 

Ozone gas kills any bacteria and viruses that may be on or within the shoe’s fabric by penetrating deeply into it.

Step 3:  

The shoes are taken out of the ozone generator chamber after they have been sufficiently cleaned and dried before you wear them.

Method 3: Chemicals: 

Some bowling alleys also use chemicals to disinfect their shoes. This can be done in a number of ways, including by spraying or soaking the shoes with antibacterial sprays, powders, and gels. 

Steps For Chemical Disinfecting: 

Step 1: 

The bowling alley employee will spray or soak the shoes in a special chemical disinfectant. This is usually done while the shoes are still on your feet.

Step 2: 

Bacteria and viruses that may be present on or within the shoe material will be killed by the chemical disinfectant. 

Step 3: 

Your shoes will be removed from your feet once they have been fully cleaned and disinfected. They will then be put on a drying rack to finish drying entirely before you put them back on your feet.


Now you know how bowling alleys keep your shoes clean and safe. Whether they use UV light, ozone generators, or chemicals, they take disinfecting your shoes very seriously. Always be sure to remove your shoes before stepping onto the bowling alley floor. So the next time you visit a bowling alley, have fun and enjoy yourself, and rest assured knowing that your feet are in good hands!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get Foot Fungus from Bowling Shoes?

Yes, you can get foot fungus from bowling shoes if they are not disinfected properly. Moreover, these shoes also cause foot odor and other skin issues if they are not properly cleaned and disinfected.

What Kind of Spray Do They Use at Bowling Alleys?

Sani Spray 501 is a common disinfectant used at many bowling alleys. It is an antibacterial spray that effectively kills germs and bacteria on shoes. Other chemical disinfectants may also be used, depending on the bowling alley’s preferences and protocols.

How Often Do You Need to Disinfect Your Bowling Shoes?

Depending on how often you visit the bowling alley, it may be a good idea to disinfect your shoes every time you go. However, some bowling alleys have protocols in place that require regular disinfection of all bowling shoes, regardless of how frequently they are used.

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